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Kingdom of Northshield Scribal Standards

Kingdom of Northshield Scribal Standards (works on paper)


All scrolls should be done with archival materials (acid free paper, and light fast materials) where ever possible. The Signet has the right to refuse work that is deemed unacceptable.


The following materials are acceptable:

Artists grade water colors

Artists grade gouache

Egg tempera

Period pigments/inks

Watercolor paper,

Vellum/ parchment

Pergamenata paper

Archival print paper

Inks that are light fast


The following materials are unacceptable:

Felt tip calligraphy pens / markers

Colored pencils


Calligraphy imitation writing paper

Newsprint paper

Photocopy / printer paper


Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Signet, but ASK FIRST!


Leave a minimum of ½ inch of blank space around the edge of your scroll to allow for matting and handling. More is better in this case. Works that run off the edge of the page will be returned to the scribe and a replacement will be asked for.


Scroll size is at the discretion of the scribe but keep standard mat and frame sizes in mind when creating your scroll.A pre-cut mat for an 8X10 photograph does not have an 8x10 opening. The opening is smaller so the picture will not ‘fall through the hole’. Take a trip to the local craft store and measure the openings and keep the easily available frame sizes in mind. 9x12 and 12x16 are standard sizes for Bristol, but it’s hard to find a frame that size.


Scrolls should follow period traditions and examples. Books of Hours pages, writs and other such period documents are all appropriate. Something cool you saw once in a movie does not make a period piece. Likewise, modern pattern books and stencils are rarely appropriate. If you are not sure, ask the Signet, a C&I Laurel, or a member of Bridgets’ Flame with an award for illumination and/or calligraphy.


A scroll is the documentation for the award given and should be treated accordingly. Personalization is great, but a reasonable attempt at decorum should be maintained.


All scrolls should contain the following information on the back:

Name of scribe: SCA and Mundane

Contact information: post address or email address

A general description for the time period, and style of the scroll(documentation)


            Scrolls for court should be accompanied by a type or handwritten copy of the text to make it easier for the herald.


Often an AoA is the ONLY award a person will receive. Be considerate of that fact when making an award. Just because it’s an AoA is not a license to do less than your best.


Erase your lines! It’s fine to leave a line for the King and Queen to sign on, but erase the rest. Please also try not to press too hard when drawing lines to do your calligraphy. Dented paper is not attractive.


Secrecy must be maintained. Scribes who leak information about up and coming awards will no longer be given assignments on current work.


Check the OP or the Northshield website before you get started and make sure you have the spelling right or that the person does not already have the award. It has happened in the past that people have been given an award under their mundane name because the person writing them in didn’t know their SCA name or only knew them by a nickname. There is also a bit of a lag between the time a person receives an award and the time its hows up on the Northshield website. The Signet tries to check on these things before a court list is assigned, but things are occasionally missed. Two sets of eyes are better than one.


Northshield strives to have an award for every recipient at every court, but in the case of backlog, every attempt should be made to complete your backlog assignment within six months. Backlog scrolls are not official until they have been signed and sealed. Arrangements should be made with the signet and royalty who gave the award. Large events(Coronation, Crown, Boars Head, 12th Night, etc.) are the easiest places to find everyone you need.


Northshield has a rich history of ‘stuff’ awards: blades, furniture, plaques, hats, pouches, weapons, embroidery, books,etc. These are all acceptable, but please contact the Signet and run the idea past them first. Mandatory script includes Royalty, award name, recipient, and date/event. The connecting words are not required. When in doubt, ask.


Example:          King and Queen

Order of the Doobus

Lord Jim Smith

October 30, AS XLV

Posted by: Sofonisba Vespasiana Gabrielli Signet (KLO) on 8/4/2010

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