Griffin and friend (Sarah the Foole) Griffin and friend (Sarah the Foole)

July 2010 Northwatch Missive

Warm Greetings to all in Northshield--

The skies are blue and golden with the comingof summer. With summer comes a time of travel. We are looking forward tovisiting throughout Northshield.

Our journey began in the Shire of Dreibruckenwhose people hosted a wonderful Crown Tournament. We wish to thank those goodpeople of the Shire for the work they did to provide hospitality to all whotraveled there to participate in the event. If you did not get a chance to gothere for Crown, we do encourage those of Northshield to visit there when theyagain hold an event.

We love how Northshield changes terrain asone travels across it, but one thing that does seem to remain is the love,kindness, enthusiasm, and hospitality of its' people. Of course with this travelcomes the reward of fun. There are going to be lots of opportunities for fun. Funcan have many forms for each of us. Many of us look forward to going to Pennsicto stand with their Majesties and the Northshield Army, to engage in battle andto later sit around the camp fires telling great tales. Oh yes, there will bethose of us who have traveled there to conquer the merchants taking back toNorthshield bounty untold to show our friends when we return.

There will also be fun back home inNorthshield. There are so many events throughout our lands that will have fighting,archery, rapier, camping, bardic, A & S activities, and more. There will beWarlords and Warriors, Battleof Urhr's Well, Midsummer II, Poormans’ Pennsic, St. Radegund's Fair, and BYOMjust to name a few. There is so much available to us that even we will havetrouble doing it all. Choices, Choices, Choices, that is what we love about ourKingdom.

We hope to see you all throughout the comingmonths. To enjoy fun, travel, adventure, friendship and all that isNorthshield. Happy travels to you.

In Your Service,


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Posted by: Hrodir II and Anne I Their Royal Highnesses on 7/1/2010

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