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December 2010 Northwatch Missive

To the People of Northshield, Our Kinsmen, doMorgan and Lusche send greetings.

We would like to thank the Silfren Mire groupfor hosting Their Majesties Crown tournament and giving all the consorts andcombatants a chance to shine. We would like to also thank the people ofNorthshield for attending and giving witness to the deeds of that day.

We hope that this missive finds all well andwarm as fall gives way to winter. In our lands winter is a time of ice, snowand bitter cold and yet it is also a time of cheer, of celebrations and of thewarmth of your hearths and those of good friends. We would encourage all totravel as much as they are able this season, for it’s a good time to visit oldfriends and to meet new ones. We are looking forward to this as we travelourselves

Winter will pass and give way to spring whichwill in turn lead to summer. These are the times when our eye turns to otherlands with a mind to visit, and to receive guests from afar. However, not alllands are at peace, nor do all visitors come with open arms, so warriors ofNorthshield neglect not your skills for we would not wish to be found wantingwhen the days grow long. For those of you with a bend toward the arts, neglectnot your craft, for your skills give joy and comfort at home and word-famethrough out the known world. To those who are minded to give of themselves, wegive or deepest thanks for without you all would falter and run aground. To allwho are content, be of good cheer for without you Northshield is no more.

With a mind on this time of peace at home andwith an eye to the future we have consulted the wise and the learned and castthe runes looking for guidance. With their advice, Her Highness Lusche willabstain from the eating of any meat and instead partake of the fruits of theearth, thereby grounding herself in wisdom. She is glad of this for grains andgreen things please her greatly. His Highness Morgan, whose humors, passionsand tempers can cloud his judgment, will severely cut back on sweetmeats, tocool his blood and allow him to see clearly. Yes, Morgan knows everything isbetter with a cookie however too many cookies upsets Lusche and that is never agood thing.

With love and looking for our paths to meet

Morgan and Lusche

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Posted by: Morgan I and Lusche I Their Royal Highnesses on 12/1/2010

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