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January 2011 Northwatch Missive

Greeting unto our Kinsmen from Luscheand Morgan, Prince and Princess of these great lands.

As you read missive Yule will have past andthe calendar will have turned over to a new year. We hope that this season hasbrought you happiness and joy. We hope that such was shared with family andfriends and that you have kept warm and in good spirits as the winds howl andsnow blows about our lands and our halls. Gatherings at Boar's Head and Fighter’sRetreat will be fond memories of all who could attend and we would like tothank those who are able to join us as we travel. It’s a busy and blustery timeof year. We encourage all who are able to join us in the coming months as wefind it a joy to visit with everyone as we travel.

Nordskogen's 12th Night will see us close tohome, and we invite all to sample the hospitality of our home Barony. HisHighness will be traveling east to “It's Only a Flesh Wound” while Her Highnessjourneys north to Castle Rouges “And Now For Something Completely Different”. HisHighness will also be visiting Calontir with the Griffin army for Winter War Maneuvers inpreparation for the war season to come. Both of us are planning on journeyingto the Midrealm to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. We will take this time togauge the mettle and intent of the lands to our southern and eastern border,for as the seasons turn so do eyes look at other lands to “visit”, some withpeaceful intent, some not so peaceful.

Her Highness, after much consideration, haschosen to hold Her Princesses Sleeve Tournament in Shire ofMidewinde at Une Fete D' Amour in February. Her Highness believes that thefuture of our Kingdom, our children, should be honored at this Sleeve Tournamentand to this end each fighter must be sponsored by a child to participate. OurLands are truly blessed so even if a fighter does not have a child of their ownthere will be one who will be delighted and honored to be fought for. Thesponsor of the victor will have the privilege of bearing the Princesses Sleeve,for from them the next generation of Kings and Queenswill come. The fighter who carries the day will have the honor of making achild’s day and the comfort that the memory of their deeds will be carried forever.Her Highness is looking forward to watching the rapier combatants fightfor the glory of their child sponsor.

We wish all safe and warm travels and look tothe days when our paths meet.

Lusche and Morgan

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Posted by: Morgan I and Lusche I Their Royal Highnesses on 1/1/2011

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