HrRM Gwyneth Felton enjoys the Boom HrRM Gwyneth Felton enjoys the Boom

January 2011 Northwatch Missive

Hear and know the words ofHrodir and Anne, King and Queen of Northshield.

Let it be known that we arenow in the season of celebration. With 12th nights and tourney, feasts andquests to amuse Us, we gladly travel amongst our lands on Our royal progress tosee as much of Northshield as possible. We will be journeying to Shattentor’sand Nordskogen’s 12th night, Flesh wound in Jaravellir and a small raid toCalontir’s Winter War Maneuvers. We hope to see as many of our populace at eachstop and we look forward to leading a strong host to Calontir.

We also want our strongwarriors and deft duelers to ready themselves for war in the south as we pushOur claims to glory at Gulf Wars. We will travel there with a Great War hostfilled with sword, spear, and arrows. We shall sunder and break their armiesand take word fame and honors from their lands.

Until We are in each other’scompany.

Hrodir and Anne, King andQueen

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Posted by: Hrodir II and Anne I Their Royal Majesties on 1/1/2011

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