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February 2011 Northwatch Missive

Greetings to our Kinsmen from Morgan and Lusche, Prince andPrincess of the blessed lands called Northshield.

Finally the days are beginning to grow longer and theweather is hinting at the change to come. Though wind, snow and ice still grip the lands, ones thoughts begin toturn toward milder and warmer things and times to come.  Spring is a time of renewal, when the earth,cold and barren, comes out of winter’s harsh grip and is reborn.  Life, which slept beneath the snow and ice,will come forth and before you know it all will be green again. 

It is easy in the dark time to forget that which brings youjoy.  Yule has passed and spring is notyet here but we know it is coming.  Theturning of the seasons waits for no one. Take this time to remember what it is that you love about our game, andthink of ways that you may share your joys and passions with others.  Be mindful of what others take pleasure inand perhaps seek to learn to share such. If their delights are not enjoyed by you, as is the case from time totime, take the simple happiness and contentment in knowing that they have founda love and know that one awaits you… perhaps still buried under ice and snowjust waiting for that warm breeze to bring it forth.  Begrudge not another’s joy, but take comfortthat one can be yours, you only have to look.

Now as the weather grows mild and ice retreats to itsnorthern strongholds, some eyes look to other lands.  Ours are no exception.  We intend to “visit” other lands if only totest the resolve of our neighbors, and to remind them that their eyes shouldlook elsewhere with anything but a peaceful intent.  Even now warriors of other lands are readyingthemselves, particularly in the lands where spring comes early.  We would not have us found wanting, rather wewould show the rest of the world that we are tempered and tested by the anvilof our lands and made strong by the love of our people.  Any and all who would join our Sovereigns andus on such journeys please make yourselves known.  Those who would stay at home, it is you wetrust with our lands and our lore, and who we look forward to returning to.

By the time you have read these words we will have returnedfrom Calontir, and will be journeying to the Midrealm, and we will have talesof our cousins and deeds done in their lands. We also look forward to traveling among our people and our lands andlook forward to seeing everyone as we do so.

With our love

 Morgan and Lusche

PS:  Remember… it’sall about Northshield…


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Posted by: Morgan I and Lusche I Their Royal Highnesses on 2/1/2011

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