A few of the lovely ladies from Silfren Mere A few of the lovely ladies from Silfren Mere

March 2011 Northwatch Missive

Greetings Kinsmen from Morgan and Lusche, Prince and Princess of the great land of Northshield.

It is one of our honors and privileges to insure the continuation of the Royal house of Northshield and to this end we are pleased to announce a deed of arms, to take place in the gentle month of May as spring comes to our lands, to secure heirs to sit upon the Stellar thrones as heirs to our Kingdom.

To be found acceptable by us the following terms and conditions cannot be found wanting.

All basic requirements set forth by the SCA and the Kingdom.

A letter of intent to fight and proclaiming that shall be fought for must be received by us and the Seneschal of the Kingdom no later than the 9thof April 2011, our Coronation. Included in this letter must be proof that both Fighter and Consort are members in good standing and will be on the day ofCrown, the 14th of May 2011.

Both Fighter and Consort will be asked to display an A&S project that they are pursuing. This project is for display only and can be at any stage of completion from initial research to a completed item. These will be displayed around the lists the day of Crown (space permitting) so all may see the love for the gentler arts that we require of any who would seek the Griffin throne.


Fighters should enclose a drawing (colored if possible) oftheir arms with their letters.

The tourney itself shall be of the following format:

Standard double elimination with the finals being the best two of three and each round, including the semi-finals and the finals themselves will also be the best two of three.

Each fight in the round will be of matched styles, not matched weapons.

The styles that will be allowed are as follows:

Single Sword

Sword and buckler

Weapon and shield

Great weapon (any two handed weapon)

Spear (any two handed weapon, thrust only however)

Weapons of war (i.e. 7.5” polearms and spears) will be allowed

The fighter of lower precedence will choose the style of weapons for the first fight in the round, the fighter of higher precedence will choose the style of weapons for the second fight. If a third fight is required the lower precedence fighter will choose again. If there are any questions as to the format or requirements to fight please feel free to contact us. We welcome all to participate.

We very much look forward to all of the virtues that will be displayed by the people of our lands both on and off the field. We invite all to share the day with us and bear witness to the history of our lands being made.

Morgan & Lusche



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Posted by: Morgan I and Lusche I Their Royal Highnesses on 3/1/2011

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