Lilith of Rolling Oaks and Arabella Nicola Giovanni Lilith of Rolling Oaks and Arabella Nicola Giovanni

April 2011 Northwatch Missive

Unto the Populace of Northshield do Morgan and Lusche sendwarm greetings.

At last the weather is starting to turn and as our thoughtsturn with the seasons many things have come to our minds. We have found that weare short of staff and in that light we have the following positions open:

Official Cleaner ofthe Long Ship’s Privy, however this requires a long ship so we are also inneed of a Long Ship Builder. Sails,we will need sails, and while the ship should have oars at times the crew willbe tired so we are in need of sail blowers as well. Those who are long-windedare encouraged to apply. We feel that this will give us the fastest ship andwill also keep everyone warm while at sea. We have a fondness for mermaids, andas such we will be journeying to the event of the same name. Official Mermaid Spotters (OMS) will behelpful, however since mermaids have been known to entrap those who travel onthe waters, all spotters will have to be blind so as not to be lured to theirdooms. Since the spotters are blind and we do not wish them to have anydifficulty while on board we are hoping to have some Mermaid Spotter Seeing Eye Thralls (MSSET) to assist them in theirduties. Since we have heard tales of creatures whose voices will lure theunwary to a watery grave all MSSET’s should be deaf so as not to be tempted. Thedeaf MSSET working in with the blind OMS should allow us to successfully spotmermaids and avoid sirens.

In addition to the crew we will be in need of araiding/negotiation/assessment/survey/ and diplomatic party. We believe theterm Nordic Migrant Farm Worker(NMFW) may be a suitable title for members of this party. All NMFW’s of thisparty should be properly equipped to perform all of their duties. Equipmentwill consist of, but not be limited to the following: sword, shield, spear,helm, language primers of lands visited, culturally appropriate garb for peoplewe will be “visiting”, abacus, fingers, toes, stone tablet, wax tablet andother record keeping and counting devices, eyes, noses and ears and a copy ofthe Illustrated Politically CorrectNorseman. NMFWs may be asked to stay behind in lands visited for anundetermined period of time to insure that our interests are being met. NMFWswill be encouraged to seek out leadership positions and perhaps use theirholdings as staging areas for further exploration.

At home we are in need of many odd job positions around thelonghouse, however, this first requires that we build the longhouse so thatwould be the first position that would need to be filled. Since our longhousewill require wood for its construction we need Official Tree Spotters (OTS), this is a different position, and hasdifferent requirements than the OfficialForrest Spotter (OFS).

There are more positions that will be needed and we willpost those in a later missive.

We would like to take this time to thank Their Majesties fortheir wisdom and guidance in setting up our longhouse and equipping our shipfor its voyages. It has been an extreme pleasure to work with them and we wishthem all the best as they return to their lands. We would let them know thatNMFW positions are open.

Tongue firmly in cheek, and in the spirit of the season,

Morgan & Lusche

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Posted by: Morgan I and Lusche I Their Royal Highnesses on 4/1/2011

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