Viscountesses Aramanthra the Vicious and Leyla ibnat-ash-Schamaal Viscountesses Aramanthra the Vicious and Leyla ibnat-ash-Schamaal

April 2011 Northwatch Missive

A Warm Goodbye to the Gentles of Northshield,

We have had a good time reigning as King and Queen. It hasbeen fun and a joy to travel throughout Northshield. There was much to see andmany friends to meet.

There have been many who have extended their hands to helpout during the reign. We wish to thank our Champions: Master Edwin atte Bridge,THL Sibyl Sevenoke, Baron Johannes von Urach, Doña Margalit Medicus, LordMarcus Valerius, and Lord Viði Hovdestad (Northshield’s premiere ArcherChampion.) We wish also to thank Lady Ellen de Wynter, Baroness Euriaut DeRi,Baron Johann DeRi, Don Edward of Kent, Mistress Cassandra of the Western Green,Lady Nicolette Vettori, Comtesse Guenievre du Dragon Vert, Mistress HerminaMatilda de Ainesleah of Meredene, Lady Asdis Karsadottir, and especially MasterGeoffrey of Warwick, our Chamberlain, who worked tirelessly to make sure that thingsgot done. There are so many more that provided help along the way. We thankyou.

We know that Northshield will continue well in the hands ofMorgan and Lusche. Please extend to them the warmth you gave us.

It was an honor to have this time to serve at the highest level.Even though we will no longer be Your King and Queen, it is nice to know thatwe will still be among our family. It is the one nice thing about steppingdown, we still get to play. This is really not a good-bye, but a hello.

It is time for the spring flowers to bloom and the winterstorms to quiet. Until we meet again along the roads of Northshield, save aspot for us at the campfires, because there will be stories to be told andlaughter to be heard in the lands of Northshield.

Love to Northshield,

Hrodir & Anne

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Posted by: Hrodir II and Anne I Their Royal Majesties on 4/1/2011

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