Medb of Twin Rose Medb of Twin Rose

May 2011 Northwatch Missive

Unto all who reside in the lands of
Northshield and all who would read these
words do Morgan and Lusche send warmest

We sincerely hope that all have emerged
from the season of ice and snow without too
much difficulty and that everyone is enjoying
the milder days and warmer weather. We
look forward to seeing everyone as we travel
about. This is the time of year when all is
fresh and new, when the world is reborn and
renewed. In the spirit of this season we look
forward to making new friends and renewing
ties with old ones as we travel about the

We would like to thank the Shire of
Rivenwood Tower for hosting our coronation
and to all who attended. You made our day
very special and even more so because of the
company that joined us. Thank you.
As the days pass we look forward to hosting
everyone in our Barony of Nordskogen for
THACO2 and hope all who would like to
attend are able to do so. We also look forward
to enjoying the gentler arts at Silks and
Needles in the Shire of Korsväg on the last
day of this month. On the 14th of May we
will again journey to Korsväg to secure the
future of our lands. We invite and encourage
all who are able to attend our Crown Tourney
and bear witness to the deeds done there and
see the lineage of Northshield secured.
As it is the time of planting and when
the world turns green, remember that Her
Majesty does not partake of the flesh of
animals. She does this by choice and because
she loves the bounty of the fields. She enjoys
such in its most natural state. She particularly
enjoys fresh fruits and berries. To help
keep her thoughts clear she has also chosen
to refrain from strong drink. Remember also
that His Majesty, in an effort to keep his
humors in check, will only take sparingly of
sweetmeats and strong drink.

We would ask that you keep this in mind
as you travel about the land. Though some
hold great offices, some have august titles,
and some have great experience, ALL who
dwell within these lands are Northshielders
and that fact alone makes them special, for
without the people, ALL of the people the
Kingdom is for naught. Remember that the
people are the Kingdom… and that it’s all
about Northshield.

With love,
Morgan & Lusche
P.S.: Everything is better with a cookie.

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Posted by: Morgan I and Lusche I Their Royal Majesties on 5/1/2011

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