A few of the lovely ladies from Silfren Mere A few of the lovely ladies from Silfren Mere

July 2011 Northwatch Missive

Hark now as Morganand Lusche send warmest greetings unto the Populace of Northshield.

As we travel aboutour lands it brings us great pleasure to meet with the People, for it is thePeople that make our Kingdom the shining star that it is among the Kingdoms ofthe Known World. Northshield is a dream given life, and without the PeopleNorthshield is merely lines on a map. The People, ALL of the people, from thosewho awoke in our dream yesterday to those who were there when it was conceived,are the heart and soul of our Kingdom. All are worthy and all are loved.

One of the burdensof the Crown is also one of its greatest joys. It falls to the Sovereigns to recognizethose gentles deserving of honors. It pleases us greatly to be able to do thishowever we cannot be at all places at once nor can we see all things thattranspire. In light of this we would encourage all who believe that someone isworthy to recommend them for the award they believe is suitable. We would alsoask that recommendations be made as early as possible so that appropriate preparationsare able to be made. We humbly thank you for your efforts in this.

Summer fastapproaches, scratch that and insert “summer is already here”… and Pennsic Waronce again looms on the horizon. While Pennsic is not an event of our lands itis the largest gathering in the Known World and many, especially those of theprinciple Kingdoms stake much on this sole event. We also stake much, howeverour goal is simple. Our goal is to do all in our power to let our people havethe most fun they can while visiting other lands. To this end if you are goingto Pennsic and have any ideas or suggestions, even very small things, of whatmay make it better for Northshield please let us know. We may not be able to accommodateall ideas but we will see what we can do.

A foul rumor hasbeen brought to our attention. It has been told to us that not all who receivethe Northwatch take the time to readall of the missives contained therein, even the ones penned by the Crown. Thissomewhat vexes us and to this end, if you have read to this point than you willknow that the secret word for this month is… “slobberknocker”. Let all who haveshown the stamina to read to these lengths be known by their knowledge of sucha word of power.

As to the previousparagraph, tongue firmly in cheek and in the spirit of jest.

With great love andlooking forward to seeing everyone soon

Morgan and Lusche

P.S. Slobberknocker.

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Posted by: Morgan I and Lusche I Their Royal Majesties on 7/1/2011

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