Northshield under the leadership of HRM Hagan take the flag in the rapier ravine battle at Gulf Wars Northshield under the leadership of HRM Hagan take the flag in the rapier ravine battle at Gulf Wars

August 2011 Northwatch Missive

Untoall good Gentles of Northshield do we, Morgan and Lusche send greetings. Summeris truly upon us and while, for a time, the heat may seem oppressive, like allthings, this too shall pass.

Bythe time this missive reaches you we will either be on our way or already atthe annual gathering known as Pennsic. We look forward to seeing all who areable to join us there and eagerly await the meeting of new friends and thereconnecting with old.

Withthe coming of summer we are reminded of the turning of seasons and know thatthe heat will soon fade and the colors will change and winter will once againbegin to be felt thorough out our lands. The change of the seasons signalsmuch, harvest will soon be collected; stores will be laid in for the longwinter night; snow and ice will soon lock the land and harbors again; Yulecelebrations and travels will be planned; and our time upon the Stellar Throneswill also come to an end. We are well pleased that the lineage of Northshieldhas been preserved and we have Heirs that, in the fullness of time, will beready to assume the throne, and the line of Northshield will continue.

Wordshave meaning and their power rests in knowing what that meaning is. In Our lastmissive we shared one such word and in this missive we wish to share another. Anyand all who have read to this point and wish to know the true meaning of theword “snerglewump” need only to ask Us and we will share such. We wouldencourage all to look to the next missive from us, which will be our last, forthere we intend to share with all a word of such power that few can match.

Safetravels to all and may all travels see everyone safely home.

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Posted by: Morgan I and Lusche I Their Royal Majesties on 8/1/2011

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