Mistress Theodora von Igelheim Mistress Theodora von Igelheim

September 2011 Northwatch Missive

Toall within the lands of Northshield do Morgan and Lusche send heartfeltgreetings--

Inour last missive we said we would share a word of great power with you. This isa word that has come into our lives often over the last year. Truly not a dayhas passed when we have not in some way thought of this word when thinking of ourKingdom and its People.

Theword is: Thanks.

Wegive thanks for the chance to serve the People of Northshield; it has been ahumbling privilege and a deep honor. We give thanks for all of those that wedid not know before and now hold dear. We are thankful for the shared joys andtriumphs. If even a small measure of the happiness we have experienced wasshared with you than we are truly thankful. Not all times were easy and forthose who helped us with the burdens, either by actions, thoughts, or even asmile we are thankful. For those who insured that Lusche had tea, Morgan isvery thankful though not as much as she may be. For those who brought Morgancookies but made sure he did not eat them all, Lusche is far more thankful thanhe is. For those who traveled with us and those who met us at our destinations,thanks.

Tothe Kingdom of Northshield, which is made up of its People, all of the peopledo we, Morgan and Lusche offer our humblest and deepest thanks.

Andnow as the seasons turn, we will take our leave of the Stellar Thrones, but beof good cheer for one does not know what may await around the next turn in theroad. We are looking forward to finding out along with everyone else.

Seeyou in the back of court…

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Posted by: Morgan I and Lusche I Their Royal Majesties on 9/1/2011

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