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Pre-register for Pennsic 41 (July 27 to August 12, 2012)

Pre-register for Pennsic 41 (July 27 to August 12, 2012)


How to register to camp with Northshield for Pennsic 41:


Pre-registering for Pennsic is a two step process.


1. Pre-register at the Pennsic event web site:


This registration is maintained by the staff at Coopers LakeCampground, the site on which Pennsic War is held.


You will be asked for the group you wish to camp with:

Please register for "Populace of Northshield" NOT"Kingdom of Northshield" unless you have specifically been toldotherwise by either the King or Queen, or by the Northshield Mayor forPennsic.  The reason is that Kingdom getsa fixed land allotment, while Populace gets more space with every person whoregisters. Registering for Populace gets us more space for our combinedencampment.


Online registration deadline with the Coopers is JUNE 15th!


2. Pre-register with the Northshield Mayor/land agent, usingthis convenient online form:


This form will inform the Mayor when you plan on arriving,who you want to camp with, how much space you require, what kind of tent youhave, and other information the Mayor will use in determining the camp layout.


3. If you have any questions about camping with us atPennsic, please let us know how we can help: or theNorthshield Mayor's Answer Line: 612-367-7555.


We look forward to seeing you in our home away from home!


Flori & Owen

Mayors for the Northshield Encampment at Pennsic 41



Posted by: Flori de Josselin on 3/4/2012

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