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Attention All Northshield Branch Heralds, Heralds at Large, and anyone who might ever be submitting a name, device, or badge.

The name/heraldry submission forms have been updated, and the Laurel Sovereign at Arms is requiring that the new forms be used as of the May, 2007 External Letter of Intent. This means that items submitted to Kingdom need to use the new forms now.

Updated submission forms are now available online on the Keythong web page:

Please discontinue use of the old forms immediately, and use the new forms. If you have blank copies of the old forms in your files, you might consider disposing of them to avoid accidental use.

Items submitted after March 1 on the old forms will be returned.

The submission forms must be signed in the space indicated. Unsigned forms will be returned.

You can recognize the new forms by the presence of signature spaces, and they are dated at the bottom “Laurel Approved 31/7/2006.”

This is part of the forms standardization, so all kingdoms are now using pretty much the same form.

Thank you for your cooperation


Posted by: Berwyn AEthelbryght of Ackley Keythong Herald (Submissions Herald) (KLO) on 4/1/2007

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