October Missive

Greetings Unto the Populace!

I continue to thank the people and groups who have been finding ways to support the Kingdom in difficult times. Donations, people directing that their volunteer hours at war benefit the Kingdom, and fundraisers based on events that couldn’t happen have all aided in keeping the Kingdom solvent and flourishing. My thanks to you all!

You will find a pair of large documents printed in this copy of the Northwatch. Kingdom law requires that we post proposed changes to Kingdom Financial Policies for commentary before they are approved by our Financial Committee and sent on to the BoD for final approval. The Stallari Council, acting as the Financial Committee of the Kingdom, has approved an updated Financial Policy, and a PayPal policy that will control the use of PayPal in accepting credit cards to pay for event registrations. Both have been extensively reformatted to fit the new Society financial policy template. Please take the time to review them, noting that the text that has been removed is struck through, and new additions are shown in italics. If you have comments to share, please email stallari@northshield.org.

As I look to the future, I need to ask for help in running the Office of the Exchequer. The Kingdom is divided into 3 regions, each of which includes 11–13 local groups. I should have a Regional Deputy Exchequer in each region, but as of now, there is no Deputy in the Central Region (Minnesota and Ontario), and the Eastern Regional Deputy (Wisconsin and the UP) has asked that I begin searching for her replacement. In both cases, I hope to find someone who can work with me in the Central Region and with Riva in the East to learn the process through the end of the year, and take over in January in 2021.

The job of the Regional Deputy is to collect bank statements, reconciliation reports and quarterly reports for their local groups, review them to be sure they are complete and correct, and post them to the Kingdom’s online data storage. The amount of time required varies from 3 hours at the end of each month to as much as 10 hours at the end of each quarter. They need to be able to read email, open and edit Excel spreadsheets, and manage files in electronic folders. While you need not have been an exchequer to do this job, it helps to understand the reporting spreadsheet created and maintained by Society. If you think you might be able to help, please contact me by phone at 701-238-3819, or by emailing exchequer@northshield.org.


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Posted by: Bayard the Turner Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer on 9/11/2020

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