Thora Hrafnsteinn Ornolfsdottir Thora Hrafnsteinn Ornolfsdottir

June Missive

Greeting to the People of Northshield from Morgan and Lusche the Second,

The second, an interesting thing to have added to ones name for a second reign. Having had the pleasure of sitting the Griffin throne before, We are often asked if we are going to do "it" again. The "it" varies depending on the asker and We have had to pause and consider on more than one occasion.  Cookies are tasty after all but ice cream might be better for a summer reign. Hmm something to consider… however everything still is better with a cookie.

And while We have hesitated on this, HRM Lusche has been asked if the Valkyres will be making an appearance at Pennsic this year.  Baroness Alice of Kent has volunteered her services and is well pleased that she "gets to wear the cute little dress and socks" and it seems with such support this could only lead to fun. HRM Lusche has had a donation of black fabric for any who might be in need of a yard or two. All are welcome to join the Valkyres: HRM only asks that you make this desire known. Remember, Valkyres are needed both at War and at home.

By the time you are able to read this We will have secured the Line of Northshield and insured the continuation or our Kingdom. We would welcome our heirs and wish them all the joy in the world.

We look forward to seeing all of you as Border Skirmish where the Middle Kingdom is coming to cross swords with Our Northshield warriors—with blade and bow; with spear and wine. They believe that they can best us on our soil; I would ask that you join us to put that belief to the test.

The word of the month for this month concerns itself with recently-completed projects…


May all your travels bring you joy and see you safely home.

Morgan and Lusche

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Posted by: Morgan II and Lusche II Their Royal Majesties on 5/1/2013

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