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Fall Coronation Update

Greetings Northshield,

We wanted to give you an update to what is happening now that Coronation has been canceled.   

Their Highnesses will still be stepping up as your next King and Queen on Saturday.  We will be doing it in a small ceremony.  This ceremony will be recorded and broadcast on Northshield's YouTube Channel.

 We are working closely with the Social Media team and we will let you know when it will be available for viewing. 

The Baronial Transition for Windhaven will also be happening at this time as well as the elevation of Caoilfhionn to the Order of the Laurel.

We know all of this is disappointing to you.  We were looking forward to seeing everyone as we step down this weekend, however, it is more important to keep everyone safe.  The pandemic is far from over and we still need to be careful in these difficult times.   

Thank you Northshield for your support and patience.   We will get through this for we are Northshield!

Stay well, wash your hands and take care of each other.

Ciaran and Elis 

We know that everyone is eager to see Coronation, Windhaven’s Investiture, and Baroness Caoilfhionn’s elevation to Order of the Laurel. Here is the current plan:
First off, yes, they will all be published on the Northshield YouTube Channel. The Social Media team is planning the following schedule (using a few shortcuts).
Youtube Premiere Schedule:
Coronation will premiere at 7:00 PM CDT (9/11/21) 
Windhaven Baronial Investiture at 3:00 PM CDT (9/12/21)
Baroness Caoilfhionn’s elevation to Order of the Laurel is unknown at this point, an announcement will be made when the Wizards know.
ADDENDUM: You will not see the "“Premieres” section until we add to it. Also, we will not be airing the videos before the above times. It will only, hopefully, be on time or a little late. 
*PLEASE be patient with the social media team, if technical difficulties arise (the wind blows the internet away, YouTube falls asleep on the job, aliens…), an announcement will be made, however, they plan to do whatever it takes to get you these videos as soon as possible. 
**You can also subscribe (hit subscribe and click on the bell next to subscribe to select settings) on the NS YouTube channel to receive notification about posts from the Northshield YouTube channel.
*** YOU DO NOT NEED A SPECIAL LINK (go to the front page on the Northshield YouTube Channel  and scroll down and you’ll see “Premieres,” that’s where they will be.   
****Also, if you haven’t, you can click "subscribe" and click the bell next to it on the NS YouTube channel and select which notifications you would like. 
Thank you, we hope this has covered the majority of the questions out there.

Posted by: Elis Godbeare on 9/8/2021

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