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March Missive

Dear Northshield,

After consultation with the Stallari Council, we have decided that with the current increase in COVID infection rates we must pause all in-person activities from now, January 19, 2022, to February 28, 2022. This includes meetings, A&S and social gatherings, and martial activities. We are hoping with this timed break that the worst of what is to come with the current variant will have passed giving the COVID rates time to drop. With our current need to be indoors this time of year, the chances of community spread are higher. With this pause we hope to cause fewer life disruptions and fewer broken hearts about activities being canceled at the last minute.

We are fortunate to have a caring and conscientious populace in the Kingdom of Northshield and we know you will understand that as much as we would all like to see each other in person at this time, a pause will ensure getting to see each once again in the future. The Kingdom Zoom account is available for use. To reserve it, please contact Baroness Xanthippe at chronicler AT

Kingdom A&S has been moved to June 11, 2022, and will still be hosted by the Shire of Korsvag at the same site.

Please send any questions or comments to seneschal AT Questions about martial activities should be sent to Duke Siegfried at kem AT

Thank you,

Baroness Alinore, Northshield Kingdom Seneschal
King Hans and Queen Genevieve
Princeps Ajax and Principessa Gaia

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Posted by: Alinore of Silfren Mere Kingdom Seneschal on 2/14/2022

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