Viscount Kenneth die Katze Viscount Kenneth die Katze

April Missive

Greetings unto the populace.

As we head into April, I have yet to receive an emailed application for my position as Kingdom Exchequer. My warrant expires on July 1, so I’m hopeful someone will step forward soon. When someone comes forward (assuming they are satisfactory to the Crown and to the Society Exchequer), they will be warranted as my Emergency Deputy for the remainder of my term. I will work with them to help them understand the quarterly and annual reports by all the local groups, the consolidated reports that compile all those local reports into three larger reports to Society, and how they will work with the team of deputies that will support them.

Speaking of deputies, I am also seeking people to step into a few of those roles, including at least two Regional Deputies, whose primary role is to collate the reports submitted by the local groups in their region, and to remind folks who are behind that they need to get things in; a Warrants Deputy who tracks applications from folks offering to step into their local Exchequer role, and to review the warrants list to ensure that all the necessary information is in place to allow a new set of Royals to warrant everyone after Coronation; and a Book Review Deputy who tracks and facilitates the book reviews done for each local group when a new Exchequer steps up, or after two years since the last review. The formal job descriptions are listed on the Kingdom website under Officers -> Help Wanted.

I’d like to offer my thanks to all the local Exchequers who sent in the required materials to complete their Domesday reporting. I really appreciate being able to complete the Consolidated Reports in a timely manner. Your work is very important, and greatly appreciated.

Yours in service,


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Posted by: Bayard the Turner Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer on 3/22/2022

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