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Baronial Polling and Transition in Jaravellir

The Barony of Jararvellir has begun the process of the transition of the Baronage of Jararvellir. The transition process is designed to gather as much information for Their Majesties so that They may make the best decisions for the Barony and the Kingdom. It is in no way a majority vote process so please do not think that the ticket/couple that gets the most votes will necessarily be who is chosen as the next Baronage. Their Majesties will use all the information They’ve collected, Their years of experience, and Their wisdom to make the best choice as they see fit. The first step of this transition is the nomination of candidates. These nominations will be received no later than Tuesday, June 20th. Nominations may be sent to SCA, Barony of Jararvellir. PO Box 1002. Madison, WI 53701 Attn: Baronial Transition. Her Ladyship Alexandra der Wasserman, Woodlands Regional Seneschal, will be preceding over the nomination process. If there is no need for an internal poll to scale down the amount of tickets, the external poll will be sent out to each member who lives within the borders of Jararvellir (membership based on zip code). The polls will be used to gather information both in the way of comments and numbers for Their Majesties and will be sent to the Transitions and New Groups (TANG) Deputy Seneschal. The results and gathered comments from this poll will be given only to HE Elashava, Northshield Seneschal, and the Royal Family, and will never be shared beyond that group. The deadline for receiving the polls will be October 6th. Jararvellir will be holding moots in July and August, to give the members of the Barony a chance to interview the candidates. The exact times and places of these moots are yet to be determined. In the event an internal poll is needed, it will occur prior to the official poll, and will be conducted by THL Alexandra. The external poll be distributed afterwards with the corrections made from the results of the internal poll. The deadline for the internal poll is August 31rst. Their Majesties will inform the nominees that are chosen of Their decision and either They or I will inform the nominees that have not been chosen. The official Transition of the Baronage of Jararvellir will occur at Boar’s Head on December 9th, 2006. Any questions regarding this process can be directed to me at tang@northshield.org. In Service to the Crown and Kingdom, Baron Rodrigo de Montoya, TANG Deputy Seneschal Lord Robert The Stout, Jararvellir Seneschal.
Posted by: Unknown Contributor on 1/1/2006

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