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2nd Quarter 2006 President's Report

Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 10:08:16 -0500 From: LMOORE2122@wi.rr.com Subject: [Announcements] President's Report of the April, 2006 Quarterly Meeting To: announcements@lists.sca.org Message-ID: Content-Type: text/plain; charset=windows-1252 Greetings: This is the President's report of the actions taken at the SCA Inc.'s most recent Board of Directors meeting, held April 22, 2006 in Richmond, Virginia, in the Kingdom of Atlantia. This material may be freely distributed, and those receiving it are strongly encouraged to share this information with the general membership. Permission is hereby granted to reprint all or part of this report in Kingdom, Principality, and local newsletters. It is requested that the source of the information be identified as "from the President's Report of the April, 2006 Board meeting" and that, as far as possible, exact quotes be used. Please note that this report is NOT the official Minutes of the Board meeting. In case of any discrepancy between this document and the approved Minutes, the Minutes are binding. Any inaccuracies in reporting contained herein are my own. Subscriptions to the Board Minutes are available from the SCA Inc. A subscription includes this report in addition to the Minutes approved at the meeting. Past approved Minutes are also available on the SCA web site (http://www.sca.org/). The next Board of Directors meeting will be held on July 15, 2006, in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the Middle Kingdom. The deadline for submission of agenda items is July 1, 2006. Respectfully submitted, Linda Moore President, SCA Inc. ________________________________________ Branch Status Changes The Board took note of three new branches: the College of Cranehaven, (Chelan and West Douglas Counties WA – USA), the Shire of Rhuddglynn (Medicine Hat, Alberta – Canada), and the Shire of Ravensley (Port Alberni, BC-Canada), all in the Kingdom of An Tir. There were two changes in status: the Shire of Dregate, (Omak, WA) in the Kingdom of An Tir moved from the Principality of Tir Righ back to Central An Tir, and the Shire of Marcaster (Pinellas County, Florida) became a Barony in the Kingdom of Trimaris. There were no dissolutions this quarter. Old Business Exchequer Handbooks The Chancellor of the Exchequer Kingdom Officer’s Handbook and the Chancellor of the Exchequer Local Officer’s Handbook were both approved by the Board. Society Exchequer Land-Use Policy At the October 2005 quarterly meeting, the Society Exchequer asked that the Land Use Policy be moved from the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s Officers Handbook to Corporate Policies. The policy reads: REAL ESTATE A. Funds may be designated to the purchase or improvement of real estate by branches, provided that the source, maintenance, and purpose of any such funds are clearly designated within the branch’s financial policy. B. No representative of the SCA may financially obligate the SCA to the purchase or substantial improvement of real estate without prior approval of the Board of Directors. An improvement will be considered to be substantial if : (1)It requires a building permit or other clearance from the local government; (2)It increases the fair market value of the property, or (3)It is constructed in a manner that makes its portability to another site questionable or unfeasible. C. A separate incorporation for the purpose of holding real estate may be required by the Board of Directors. After receiving commentary from the membership, the Board voted to move this policy to Corporate Policies 14, renumbering the remaining policies as appropriate. New Business SCA-SCAA Operating Agreement The Board was presented and signed an updated operating agreement with the SCA-Australia, reflecting their new corporate structure and name. Officers' Reports Action items and policy decisions (note: officers not mentioned here had no action items or policy decisions to present for Board review): President President Moore commended Patrick Anderson, chair of the Legal Committee, and outgoing Director Dena Cady, and thanked them for their service. Vice President of Operations (Society Seneschal) Mr. Reed commended the Autocrats and Staff for Estrella War, 2006; the Autocrats and Staff for Gulf Wars, 2006; the Middle Kingdom Media Officer; several outgoing Kingdom seneschals; and Dena Cady, Director, SCA, Inc for their hard work and service. Vice President of Corporate Operations Ms. Signorotti commended Dena Cady, outgoing Director for her service to the SCA, and Tim Jennings, Society Minister of Arts and Sciences for his assistance in finding books for the stock clerk to carry. She also asked the Board to approve a business plan for a curriculum- enhancement program to be used to assist school groups and teachers, and was given approval by the Board. Tournaments Illuminated Editor and Art Director As their warrants expire in January 2007, they are beginning the search for their successors. Treasurer The Treasurer asked for the Board to approve the Kingdom and Local Officer Exchequer Handbooks, which has already been done. Mr. Andrist commended Susan Early, the Society Exchequer, for all of her hard work in preparing these handbooks. Society Exchequer In addition to the handbooks which were presented for approval, Ms. Early presented a change to Society Financial Policy IV.A. as follows: "All funds will be maintained in an account with a recognized banking institution or credit union. Investment in stocks or financial accounts that are not insured by the federal or equivalent government is prohibited without prior written authorization from the Society Exchequer." which included the wording about credit unions and insured accounts, at the request of the Treasurer. This change was approved by the Board. Updated Financial Policies for Artemisia, Atlantia and the West Kingdom were approved by the Board. Ms. Early also commended several kingdoms for getting their financial domesday reports in ahead of schedule. Investment Committee The Investment Committee presented several buy and sell recommendations, and set stop-loss amounts. The Board approved the sell recommendations and the stop-loss amounts, but returned the buy suggestions for additional information and recommendations. Marshal Mr. Roderick commended several outgoing Kingdom Earls Marshal for their service to their Kingdoms. The update to the Marshal’s Handbook is ongoing, and should be presented at the July, 2006 quarterly meeting for approval. Minister of Arts and Sciences Mr. Jennings requested approval of a policy regarding the status of unofficial guilds within the Society. The Board returned this policy to him, in conjunction with the Society Seneschal and Exchequer for further work. He also commended outgoing Kingdom MoAS’ for their work. Society Chirurgeon Dr. Hart-Carlock requested some items be turned to the Legal committee for assistance. The Board returned these to her for further work and clarification. She also commended several outgoing Kingdom Chirurgeons for their service to their Kingdoms. Executive Session Society Exchequer Applications The deadline for Society Exchequer applications has been extended until May 31, 2006. The Board will continue to accept applications for this position until that time. Bruce Parker Revocation and Denial of Membership By consensus, pending the receipt of court documents, Chairman Williams ordered this item remanded to the July 2006 quarterly meeting. Maria Martino (Phaedra Maria da Frasso) Revocation and Denial of Membership By consensus, pending the receipt of court documents, Chairman Williams ordered this item remanded to the July 2006 quarterly meeting. Barbara Busillo (Caitlin) Revocation and Denial of Membership Motion by Tom Hughes to revoke and deny the membership of Barbara Busillo (Caitlin) effective April 22, 2006. Seconded by Gabrielle Underwood. In favor: Jeff Brown, De
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