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Message from Our Prince and Princess

Beloved Northshield,

I am stepping down as Heir.
Rumours of behaviour unsuitable for a royal have begun circulating around me and while baseless they are still incredibly damaging. This sacred office, and our wonderful Princess, deserve no connection to such horrific accusations, so it is not without deliberation and trusted counsel that I make this hard choice for the good of the Kingdom. 
It would also be inappropriate to confront accusations of this nature from a position of authority, so I have abdicated to invite a level playing field for justice or exoneration. Attached is the website for confidential investigation available to any who feel I have acted unchivalrously towards them in the past.
It is my intention, past and present, to embody the virtues we all aspire to and leave no doubt in my character. Please support Guinevere to the best of your ability for she deserves no less and is left with a large job to do herself.

Hanman Hebenstreit

Good people of Northshield,

Our request to the Board of Directors for a variance so that I could reign as Sovereign, alone, has been denied.
It is with immense regret that I must therefore resign as Princess.
I have informed Their Majesties and will also be writing to the Board to resign effective immediately.
I know that you will offer your full support to Their Majesties and the future Heirs to this wonderful kingdom.

En Service ou Je Puisse,
Guenievre du Dragon Vert, CP, CR

Posted by: Sorcha Bhuidhe on 7/30/2022

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