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Crown at Coronation

Unto Northshield do We, Ajax Rex and Gaia Regina send greetings.

Due to the abdication of the Heirs we need to hold a new Crown Tournament. It will be held on our Coronation day, September 10, 2022 in our Shire of Rockhaven and the winners will be Crowned Sovereign and Consort that day.
Greetings Kinsman,
September has come upon us,
It has been a blur for Our time on the thrones in some respects and long in other ways. We set out to bring joy, healing, and togetherness as much as we could.
"Pax Et Unitas" our Motto translates to Peace and Unity, even though we have the war season.
For the Kingdom peace and unity of the people was foremost in our thoughts. The last 3 years have been very tough with many safely Isolating against a foe not easily combated.
We cannot judge on whether or not we were successful, but do hope we have at the least in some small measure brought back love and hope.
This being our final missive most of all We want all of Northshield to know, We love you and keep up the good fight.
Pax Et Unitas
Ajax and Gaia
Requirements for all Crown Tournaments from the Society Governing Documents, and the laws of Northshield:
All prospective combatants and their consorts must meet these minimum criteria.
•Each must be a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism and have access to the Northwatch.
•Each must have been a subject of Northshield for one year immediately before the Crown Tournament.
•All prospective combatants and their consorts must be acceptable to the Presiding Royalty.
•No one under 18 years old may fight or be fought for in a Crown Tournament.
•No member of the Royal Family may either fight or be fought for in a Crown Tournament.
•One member of the couple must also affirm that they can and will maintain the ability to legally cross the U.S./Canadian international border for the duration of their reign, should they be victorious, to ensure that they are free to travel to all parts of the Kingdom.
Format for Crown 35:
Crown will be a double elimination tournament. Each bout will be best 2 of 3 fights. Double kills will be re-fought. All weapons of tournament combat allowed.
Seeding will be determined on the day of the tournament by random draw.
Letters of Intent are due no later than the Midnight September 1, 2022. Indicate that you are intending to enter Crown for Reign 35. They shall be emailed to TRM@northshield.org and seneschal@northshield.org. This letter should provide evidence of fulfillment of all requirements for entrance by the prospective combatant and consort and outline their involvement in diverse areas of the SCA.
Additional requirements, please include the specifics in your Letter of Intent:
All prospective combatants must hold a valid Northshield armored combat authorization card.
Modern names, contact information, membership numbers and expiration dates for both of the pair.
The combatant and consort must have a video release on file with the kingdom Social Media office that allows a “release of all videos and photographs” for at least the Crown Tournament event.
Both must have at least an AOA.
Both the combatant and consort must have held a reporting officer position of 2 continuous years within the Kingdom of Northshield.
Both must provide their pronouns and preferred titles to be used on the day of the tournament to assist the heralds and give proper recognition to you, the Combatant and Consort.
Must have a Chamberlain present that day
Both must make a reasonable attempt to hide modern gear.

Posted by: Ajax and Gaia Their Royal Majesties on 7/30/2022

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