May Pole dancing in Jararvellir May Pole dancing in Jararvellir

April Missive


We are writing this final missive as we all prepare for a snowpocalypse and then (hopefully) travel to Lupercalia. And then it’s time for Gulf Wars (GULF WARS!!) already.

We hope to see you on April 1 in the Barony of Jararvellir to celebrate their 50th Anniversary. We’ll be certain to encourage our Heirs to attend as well–just in case–for mayhaps some “April Fools” mischief may go awry and cause bodily harm to Us.

But seriously...

Being the royalty of Northshield is truly a delight. It’s also work–and while We cannot name each person nor give enough thanks to our staff and collective volunteer squad, they certainly include:

• HE Ekaterina Anastaseva, our esteemed Chamberlain, who kept Us sane and on track.
• Sitt Samia al-Lulu, so much more than Head Retainer.
• Mistress Wu Yun, who got roped into more than We meant.
• HE Ceolwen ingen Adaim, Our Clothing Coordinator (and more).
• THL Neave inghean Domhnaill for Our website.
• Argent Alchemy Studio for their donation of materials for tokens, favors, and rings.
• Mistress Cassandra of the Western Green and HE Euriaut Deri for their fine work on several key outfits.
• House Wortham and the Wardens of Winter for their behind-the-scenes support in numerous ways.
• Our Champions.
• The nine worthies who bore the Sovereign’s Ring.
• The many gentles who willingly were chased by the youth of the kingdom.
• The individuals and crews who helped Us update our wardrobes so that We could properly represent Northshield.
• Everyone who retained for Us (especially Erin, Rayne, and Nyxadora).
• The heralds and scribes.
• The gentles who serve as kingdom officers and their deputies.
• Certain gentles who offered us support, wisdom, and guidance. (We know that you know that We know who you are.)

We didn’t do all the things that maybe We could have or should have, but We have no regrets. Thank you all for your support!

Long live Northshield!

Guenievre & Tom

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Posted by: Guenievre and Tom III Their Royal Majesties on 3/24/2023

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