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Fall Crown List Requirements

Fall Crown list will allow any weapons other than spear or other melee-specific weapons. Each bout will be “bring your best”. Each bout will be one fight (rather than best two out of three). The format will be as follows:

There will first be a round robin tourney. If there are more than nine fighters, there will be pools for the round robin tournament. These pools will be randomly seeded by draw and will each contain as close to the same number of combatants as possible. The number of pools will be determined by the number of entrants, so that no pool contains more than nine fighters. If there is one round robin pool, the top four entrants will be selected to proceed, otherwise, the top two entrants out of each pool will be selected to proceed. Please note that ties in the top of the pool(s) will be broken by one additional match between tied combatants, and mutually destructive fights will be refought throughout the pool(s).

The top entrants selected from the round robin tourney will then fight in a double elimination tournament to determine the victor of the day. If the number of entrants in the final double elimination tourney is not a standard number for double eliminations (ex. 4, 8, 16), byes or challenge-ins will be used as deemed appropriate by the Minister of the List.

In addition to the requirements in kingdom law (listed below), We require that each combatant and consort demonstrate some previous service to kingdom or local group. This could be anything from holding office to helping at an event. Also, each must submit their current heraldry (if they have personal heraldry) with their letters of intent.

Per Kingdom Law III-900:
All prospective combatants and their consorts must meet the minimum criteria in the Governing Documents, as well as the following requirements:
1. Each must have been a subject of Northshield for one year immediately before the Crown Tournament.
2. Each must be a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism and have access to the Northwatch.
3. All prospective combatants and their consorts must be acceptable to the Presiding Royalty.
4. No one under 18 years old may fight or be fought for in a Crown Tournament.
5. No member of the Royalty may either fight or be fought for in a Crown Tournament.
6. One member of the couple must also affirm that they can and will maintain the ability to legally cross the U.S./Canadian international border for the duration of their reign, should they be victorious, to ensure that they are free to travel to all parts of the Kingdom. This means that any who fight in Crown must have one member of the pair that can cross the international border legally. This includes but is not limited to them being vaccinated per the mundane laws in place and not having a felony, OWI, DWI, etc.
7. All prospective combatants must hold a valid Northshield Armored Combat authorization card. If the combatant does not hold all authorizations that will be used in the tournament, the Crown has the sole discretion as to how and whether they will allow that combatant to participate.

By choosing to fight in Crown they have agreed to these terms and attested that they do indeed meet all the requirements and that at least one of them can legally cross the border to the best of their knowledge and belief.

Letters of Intent are due by 11:59 pm the day of Coronation (September 9, 2023) and should be sent to and

Posted by: Yngvar III and Isabella Their Royal Highnesses on 8/16/2023

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