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Missive to the Northshield Grant-level Awards

Greetings Unto the Good Gentles of Northshield,

We call forth the following Orders to meet with His Majesty Hrodir and myself after our meeting with the Chivalry meeting and the Stallari Council.  The time will need to be announced as it will be dictated by the length of the Crown Tourney.

The Orders we wish to meet with are the following:
  • Aquila et Fulmen
  • Black Griffin
  • Brigits Flame
  • Destrer
  • Hand of Tyr
  • White Scarf
  • Court Baron/Baroness
Yes, we are meeting with all the orders at the same time.  It is our hope that we can talk with the orders together to get an idea of where the orders of Northshield want to go and give the orders a chance to speak with each other to find out how they have established themselves. Unfortunately we will not have the time we would like to make this a long discussion, but it is our hopes that when the orders leave the meeting they will continue to discuss this on their order's list, or with other orders.   The winter months allow us time to contemplate and discuss with each other our thoughts.  All we ask is that we respect each other opinions and work together in making our culture brighter and more fulfilling.

In the enjoyment of Guiding and Serving Northshield,

Anne and Hrodir

Posted by: Anne Geoffreys of Warwick Queen on 10/9/2013

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