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Help Wanted - Seneschal Deputies

Emergency Deputy Seneschal
Be aware of anything that is necessary to take over for the Seneschal in case of an emergency that would keep them from doing their job until a satisfactory replacement can be found. Since the Kingdom Seneschal is responsible for the overall administration of the Kingdom; interpret Law for the Crown; maintain and develop policies; ensure that Corpora branch requirements for membership and staffing are being met on the local and Kingdom level; and coordinate the efforts of the other Great Officers, this person must be aware of the state of the Kingdom so that they can step in without hesitation.

Law Clerk
This office assists the Kingdom Seneschal in maintaining the Laws, and advising the Crown on the wording and compatibility of proposed Law. The Clerk maintains the electronic document, and conveys it to the Chronicler annually for publishing. The Clerk also monitors the document for logical conflicts, inconsistencies, and loopholes. The Kingdom Seneschal then presents these items to the Crown for possible action.

Eastern Regional Seneschal
Responsible for assisting the Kingdom Seneschal in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan by monitoring membership levels, reporting compliance, and providing local assistance in problem mediation and resolution.

Media Relations Deputy
The Media Relations Deputy is responsible for distributing press-kit materials to local groups and individuals and also be a contact person for any questions from local groups about working with the media. This person will ensure all reportable events are communicated to the Kingdom Seneschal and the Deputy Society Seneschal for Media Relations. This includes all contact with the media. This deputy is also responsible for making sure all groups report any media contact within the seven day policy. If anything happens that could produce negative media, this person contacts the Deputy Society Seneschal for Media Relations immediately and does what he/she can to prevent any negative publicity. This person is also the main media contact for the Kingdom of Northshield. More information about this position available in the "Media Relations and External Publicity" policy from the Society Seneschal.

For more information, or to apply for any of these positions, please contact the Kingdom Seneschal

Posted by: Kita Jiru Toramassa Kingdom Seneschal on 10/22/2013

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