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Request for Proposals: New Kingdom Regalia

As the Kingdom of Northshield approaches its 10th anniversary, so too does its regalia. Some items are in need of repair, and other items need to be replaced. This missive details the three categories of regalia for which we are currently seeking proposals, in order of importance. We are currently looking to have the regalia made by Northshield artisans, but we may open the request to outside the kingdom if it becomes necessary. Please feel free to pass on this missive to any artisans you know within the kingdom who may not be on the kingdom email/Facebook lists. We welcome proposals from both individual artisans and groups of artisans.

A proposal should include a preliminary design (drawings, or pictures of similar work with explanation of variation for the new regalia), price per piece/set, and when the items could be completed. We would like to have the new regalia in time for the 10th anniversary of the kingdom, and realize that this is short notice of these items. However, with that in mind, we would like to have the proposals in hand by March 15th, so that we can make a decision by March 31st, and then hopefully receive the items by August 30th, 2014.

Please fill out the form and send it and any other design and proposal materials to both and no later than March 15th.

#1:  Feast Gear

We are most in need of new feast gear for both Their Majesties and Their Highnesses. We would like 8 to 12 sets of feast gear in a single pattern (not separate patterns for Majesties and Highnesses), so that everything
easily interchangeable. In particular, each set should include a large plate, a small plate, a bowl, and a cup/tumbler (something study and not easily tipped over). Ceramic is preferred, but we will also take proposals for wood or metal feast gear.

#2:  Crowns

Though we have several sets of crowns, all are in need of some form of repair, and we have been unable to get some of them repaired, so we would need to obtain a new set of crowns for both Their Majesties and Their Highnesses.

We are looking for crowns that are lightweight and adjustable in size, and there is no required time period, though covering a large range is preferred. In addition to the proposal items mentioned above (design, price, & delivery), we would like the crowns to come with a maintenance plan to cover necessary repairs over the next 5 years, which we expect would be an additional charge on top of the price for each crown. This will help us ensure we can get the crowns repaired when needed.

#3:  Thrones

We have only one set of thrones currently, which means getting them repaired is very difficult as they are constantly in use and moving around the kingdom. We are interested in obtaining a second set so that the thrones can be swapped out for repairs or to suit different styles or time periods for each reign.

With regards to design, a particular historical period is not requested (though a design covering as large a historical period as possible is preferred), but rather there are certain features that we would like to see
in each proposal. First, the thrones should have tall backs (taller than or equal to any territorial baronial thrones), and the backs should be slightly angled backward. Second, the armrests should be at a height that
is comfortable to most people, taking into account the added height of a pillow on the seat. Third, the thrones should be relatively easy to assemble and disassemble, as they will be traveling a great deal, but without too many individual pieces that could get broken or lost. Fourth, many queens and princesses have needed to use a foot stool with the current thrones, and find this cumbersome and loud.  We would like designs that include thrones that have adjustable seat heights, or a design that has a foot stool that attaches securely to the throne to keep it from moving about when in use.

Posted by: Petranella Fitzallen of Weston Minister of Regalia (KLO) on 2/18/2014

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