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Spring Crown Tournament Announcement

Greeting to our Brothers & Sister in the Great Kingdom of Northshield,

This Spring finds us not only looking forward, in regards to securing our Heirs and Northshield's future, but also back to the beginnings of our noble Kingdom. It is not only our honor to host Northshield's Spring Crown
Tournament, but the event will also mark:

The 10th Anniversary of Northshield's 1st Crown Tournament

It is this fact that which compels us to point out that the victors in this Spring's Crown will usher in Northshield's second decade as a Kingdom, and equally as important will have their Coronation this fall on Northshield's 10th Anniversary as a Kingdom. We cannot overstate the importance of this honor. To this end, all who would enter the coming Crown Tournament should think strongly on this and the obligations entailed in such an auspicious reign.

Here follow the details and requirements for this Spring's Crown Tournament:

- Opponents will challenge in to seed the tree. Combatants will draw lots to determine if they are challengers or challengees. Challengers' tokens will be numbered to determine the order in which the challenges are to be made.

- Each round will be best 2 of 3. The semi-finals will be best 2 of 3, 2 out of 3 times, with the combatants from the winner's tree having to win one set of the 2 of 3; the combatant from the loser's tree must win two sets of the 2 of 3s. The finals will be simply best 2 of 3.

- The weapon styles will be divided into two classifications, One-Handed Weapons and Two-Handed Weapons. One-Handed weapons include Weapon and Shield, Two Weapon (including two-sword, sword and 6' spear/great axe/etc.) and Single Handed Weapon (ex, single sword). Two handed weapons include Bastard Swords, Great Swords, Pole Arms, 6' Spears used with two hands.

- In each round the Combatant who is junior in precedence will decide which weapons classification will be used in the first fight; the senior in precedence will decide the classification for the second fight. If the third fight is necessary, each combatant will bring out whatever weapon style they like, provided it conforms to the Tournaments weapon restrictions.

- No weapons of war, meaning: No weapon may exceed 6 feet in length. No back-up weapons will be allowed. Shields will be only so tall that the owner can comfortably stand over it and shall be no wider than the distance from the top of the shoulder to the tip of the finger of the owner.

Letters of Intent
We would ask that letters of intent be sent to Us and to the Kingdom Seneschal, no later than the occasion of Spring Coronation, prior to evening Court, or post marked that day. The remainder of the documentation requirements--Proof of Membership, Proof of Authorization, and Proof of access to the Northwatch--will be confirmed at Crown by the appropriate officer. Along with your letter, please include Proof of Age, all relevant Contact Information (address, phone, & email at least), as well as cursory account of your activity level for the past year.

Additional Requirements for Entry
We would also require that either the combatant or consort have prior experience in a reporting office. This
would include being an officer at any level from local up to Kingdom; Autocrat or Event Steward; Marshals; and Heralds of the field. Please feel free to contact Us for any necessary clarification.

We know it will be a historic day!

Long Live Northshield!

Siegfried & Elizabeth

Posted by: Siegfried von Kulmbach on 2/25/2014

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