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New Northshield Hall email list

Migration to the new Northshield email email list.

Greetings to all from Owen, who is helping with the move to the new list.

To subscribe yourself to the new list directly:

Click on this link:

Click on "Subscribe to this group"
- Enter your email address
- Enter the number shown in the picture

And then look for a confirmation note in your email box that you will have
to click on to confirm that you want to join the list.

If you need any assistance in subscribing to the new email list, please
contact me ( and I'll help you get subscribed.

I'll also be sending out individual invites over the next two days to the
list for those who find it easier to respond to a direct invite.

Owen Alun (former list admin)


Grimmund said:

Well met!

You may have heard that this email list is moving.  This is true.  After
many years, the computers hosting the Northshield email lists are being
shut down.

The Northshield list will be migrating  to a Google group over the next few
days.  Expect to get an invite from the new Google group shortly.

When you get the invite from the new group, please click the link to join.

Warm regards,

Northshield list admin

Posted by: Owen Alun on 4/11/2015

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