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Kingdom A&S is humming, will you join the chorus?

Thanks to the many wonderful and talented volunteers, wehave enough judges to fill all of the slots—but some would be outside of thejudge’s stated knowledge base. We’re hoping to recruit a few more people whomight have a specialty in one of the areas below.  Please add your offer to “additional comments”http://www.northshield.org/Officers/AS_Comp/AS_Judging.aspx

Seeking judges for:

Research paper: “The Role of Teutonic Knights regulating theamber trade”

Calligraphy and Illumination: Sumi-e Chinese painting

Poetry (notperformance): Old Norse dróttkvætt poem

Research paper: “Turkish names, Christian faith: Armeniansin 1455 Istanbul”

Research paper: “Khazar Court Clothing”

Costume: 8th Century Tang Dynasty Da Xiu Sha, or"Large-Sleeved Gown"

We have many talented judges who have volunteered. We are making efforts to incorporatethe volunteer efforts of everyone who raised their hand, and we appreciateevery one of you who did so. If you have already said you’d volunteer and youwould be comfortable judging one of these, please let us know. As much as wetry to share all of your geek, we have limited knowledge about what everyonetakes an interest in.

Posted by: Samia al-Lulu bint 'Isa A&S Judges Coordinator on 4/15/2015

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