Petranella Fitzallen of Weston and Vladimir Radescu Petranella Fitzallen of Weston and Vladimir Radescu

Stellar University of Northshield

Hosted by: Kingdom of Northshield

Start Date: 11/12/2022 Thru End Date: 11/12/2022 57

Planned Activities: Arts & Sciences Display , Bardic Activities , Classes , Dancing

Unto the Stellar Populace of Northshield, 

I am pleased to request bids to host the Stellar University of Northshield (SUN). I am pleased to continue investing in the long tradition of outstanding offerings from across the many areas of expertise in our community. I encourage all interested individuals - Ask your friends. Do you want to host this outstanding facet of our community? I think you should say yes.

THL Thomas of Rivenwood Tower

SUN Chancellor

Please submit event bids to the SUN Chancellor before midnight of 7/31/22

The ~perfect~ site is a lot of things, but perfection is unreal. Instead, consider these points when preparing a bid to host SUN: 

  1. Are there several, separate classrooms for presentation and discussion classes?

  2. What is the availability of internet access on site? How is cell service? Have you checked cell coverage for multiple providers in your area? Is there wifi available?

  3. Is there a kitchen? Is there kitchen space to allow simultaneous preparation of meals and teaching activities?

  4. Is there space for martial activities? Is there space for separate martial classes?

  5. What facilities are available for experiential and hands-on education? (metal casting, ceramics, painting, armoring arts, etc…)

  6. What is the site’s alcohol policy? Is this site suitable for brewing and vintning? 

  7. Is there enough populace space for both day presence and for official functions? (Can people socialize and can court also be held? Will logistical considerations need to be made to ensure smooth event flow?)

When preparing your bid, please include the following: 

  • Location details: Address, number of points of access for load in/out, location details (metropolitan, urban, rural) and available amenities nearby 

  • Event officers: Event Steward, Exchequer, Royalty Liaison, Additional number of staff available from hosting group

  • Event Budget

  • Photos of site to include: classrooms, populace space, kitchen, martial space, parking facilities

  • Alcohol Policy

  • Load in/out timeline (When is the site available? Friday setup? Sunday teardown?)

  • Please include information regarding the following:  Locker rooms, showers, number of restrooms on site, space for hot work (flames and fire), any other site specific facilities of note

  • Can your group supply a Youth Officer? (Either a group officer or officer at large.)

Helpful Notes: 

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