Ingus Moen Ingus Moen

Fighter School

Hosted by: Barony of Jararvellir

Start Date: 2/20/2010 Thru End Date: 2/20/2010 44
Jefferson County Fair Park
503 North Jackson Avenue
Jefferson WI 53549

Planned Activities: Armored Combat
10:00 Beginning Polearm
-- Sir Gunther / Sir Stephen
Basics: Rules and How to Stand
-- Duke Raito
Beginning Great Sword
-- Sir Duncan
Sword and Buckler
-- Sir Dayfidd
11:00 Advanced Polearm
-- Sir Gunther / Sir Stephen
Basics: How to Move
-- Duke Raito
Advanced Great Sword
-- Sir Duncan
-- HRM Siegfried


1:00 Sword and Shield Technique
-- THL Torsten
Basics: How to Defend
-- Duke Raito
Playing the Range Game
-- Sir Morgan
Footwork and Body Mechanics
-- HRM Siegfried
2:00 How to Kick Butt in a Crown Tourney
-- Count Stephen
Basics: How to Strike
-- Duke Raito
Center Boss Shield
-- Sir Morgan
9-Foot Spear
-- HRM Siegfried




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