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Council Secretary

Baroness Aesa Olafskona

(Lisa Rydberg)
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Took Office: 05/02/2020
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Position Details
The Council Secretary is a Lesser Officer, reporting to the Kingdom Seneschal.

The Council Secretary is responsible for recording and publishing decisions made and actions taken by the Stallari Council.

Stallari Minutes will be compiled by the Council Secretary for both in person meetings and e-list discussions. Minutes will capture, at a minimum, decisions taken and action items for members and other information as deemed appropriate by Seneschal and council.

E-list summaries will be published on a quarterly basis that follows the Seneschal Reporting Schedule. (March 1, June 1, Sept. 1, Dec. 1.)

Kingdom Seneschal shall review and approve minutes before secretary posts on website. The Web team then uses website functionality to publish the minutes making them available to the populace.

Format of minutes will be at the discretion of the Kingdom Seneschal and the Council Secretary.

Items that the general populace needs to know independent of the full minutes will be published by the Kingdom Seneschal or designated deputy onto the appropriate forums (i.e. email lists, social media pages, etc.). These updates will be made as soon as is deemed appropriate by the Kingdom Seneschal/Stallari Council.

Minutes of each Stallari Council meeting will be published within three (3) weeks of the meeting and a notice of posting sent to the council.

The council secretary is not on the Stallari proper, but is privy to information and opinions that are confidential in nature. Any information deemed not appropriate for publishing should be held in the strictest confidentiality. Stallari information belongs to the Stallari and should not be mentioned outside of that group.
Previous Officers
Persona Name Email Start Date End Date Term
Aesa Olafskona Login to view 5/2/2020 Active 20 months
Gwenlliana Clutterbooke Login to view 5/14/2019 8/17/2019 3 months
Berenice Calvina Login to view 1/7/2017 12/16/2018 23 months
Kolbrunna Gisladottir Login to view 4/15/2013 1/7/2017 45 months
Tatiana of Varena Login to view 5/14/2011 1/7/2012 8 months
Æsa Gilsdottir Login to view 5/1/2011 4/15/2013 23 months
Marwen de la Rivere Login to view 1/1/2008 5/14/2011 40 months
Saraidh ingen Guairi Login to view 3/3/2007 1/1/2008 10 months
Katriona ni Chonarain Login to view 1/1/2005 3/3/2007 26 months

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