Members of the Barony of Jararvellir guarding the Midrealm gate (Pennsic 27, 1997) under the command of Kitakaze Tatsu Raito Members of the Barony of Jararvellir guarding the Midrealm gate (Pennsic 27, 1997) under the command of Kitakaze Tatsu Raito
Rose - Blazon: Order of the Rose

Rose (Total Presented: 22)

The Order of the Rose consists of former Royal Consorts of a kingdom. It is specifically charged with encouraging chivalrous and courteous behavior among all members of the Society. (Fieldless) A wreath of roses. (Registered as both badge and regalia)
  Persona Name Presenting Branch Name Court Date Event Name Presenting Royalty
Æsa Gilsdottir Kingdom of Northshield 4/8/2006 Northshield Spring Coronation Lars I and Mary I
Aethelflaed Kingdom of Northshield 4/9/2016 Spring Coronation Rhys and Gwenhwyvar
Aibhilin Fhionn Kingdom of Northshield 9/9/2017 Northshield Fall Coronation Kaydian and Cassandra
Ailleanne ingen Faelin Kingdom of Northshield 9/12/2009 Fall Coronation Siegfried III and Elizabeth I
Anne Geoffreys of Warwick Kingdom of Northshield 4/9/2011 Northshield Spring Coronation Morgan I and Lusche I
Bridei nic Gillechattan Kingdom of Northshield 4/9/2005 Second Coronation of Northshield Tarrach and Fina
Cassandra Antonelli Kingdom of Northshield 4/14/2018 Northshield Spring Coronation Yngvar II and Luce II
Devon Ffrench Kingdom of Northshield 9/8/2012 Northshield Fall Coronation Yngvar and Luce
Elis Godbeare Kingdom of Northshield 4/19/2008 Spring Coronation Lars II and Mary II
Elizabeth Von Kulmbach Kingdom of Northshield 4/10/2010 Spring Coronation Tom and Sigrid
Gaia Aurelia Kingdom of Northshield 9/10/2022 Northshield Fall Coronation/Special Crown Tournament Tom III and Guenievre
Genevieve MacArtne Kingdom of Northshield 4/9/2022 Northshield Spring Coronation Ajax and Gaia
Giulia Isabella da Venezia Kingdom of Northshield 10/13/2007 Fall Crown Tournament Hagan and Eilis
Gwenhwyvar verch Owen ap Morgan Kingdom of Northshield 9/10/2016 Northshield Fall Coronation Hrodir and Yehudah
Gwyneth Felton Kingdom of Northshield 4/14/2007 Northshield Spring Coronation Hrodir and Giulia
Jehanette de Provins Kingdom of Northshield 5/9/2020 Ethereal Court of Northshield - The Griffin's New Groove Ciaran and Elis II
Luce Tolle Kingdom of Northshield 4/13/2013 Spring Coronation Morgan II and Lusche II
Lusche della Cassiago Kingdom of Northshield 9/10/2011 Northshield Fall Coronation Vladimir and Petranella
Maol Mhichil mac Giolla Pheadair Kingdom of Northshield 4/8/2017 Northshield Spring Coronation Konrad and Aibhilin
Mary of Carrigart Kingdom of Northshield 9/16/2006 Northshield Fall Coronation/Sir Cecil's Siege Siegfried II and Gwyneth
Petranella Fitzallen of Weston Kingdom of Northshield 4/14/2012 Northshield Spring Coronation Wulfgar and Devon
Sigrid de la Mare Kingdom of Northshield 9/11/2010 Fall Coronation Hrodir II and Anne I

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