Dan'l and Medb of Twin Rose Dan'l and Medb of Twin Rose

Baroness Siobhan Medhbh O'Roarke

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Persona Type:
Primary Name
Device: Argent, three Chevronels Braced purpure, within an oriel purpure.
Photograph: Siobhan Medhbh O'Roarke
Siobhan was born Medhbh O'Roarke in Connacht in Ireland in about 1050; since the Normans Conquested in 1066 she was eventually re-baptised into Norman Catholicism, given a good Norman-Celticized Christian name. Thought she was  considered a spinster when she was not married by age 19, eventually she found a second son of a Good Norman Family (Argawald Woodwulf) to wed. Being landless, the squire to whom she was married took service in Vienna and took Siobhan with him, a common thing to do.

About 1075 her lord took service with Robert Guiscard to conquer Southern Italy, leaving Siobhan and their child in Vienna. (Many wives, widows, and women of those who went to fight in the crusades ended up left behind when this particular Crusade began, leaving an economic pocket of uncertainty for the women left unsupported.)

A pestilential fever took the lives of the Jarl and Jarla who had sheltered her when he departed; their son, who inherited, was not inclined to support two more mouths. Siobhan took service with a prosperous innkeeper; as she was literate, skilled in accounts, and well acquainted with feeding and housing vast numbers of people on a moment's notice, she soon was virtually running the inn.

When the innkeeper died, two or three years later, Siobhan bought the inn from his widow, whom she pensioned off and allowed to stay at the inn for local color. Her Norman lord never reappeared; Siobhan assumed he either died or found a nice Tuscan girl and settled down. A short time later Syr Aldric Northmark,Scoti who immigrated before the i-Viking blight, and an elder son with estates of his own, paid court to her. (He claims he is too mean to die and consequently can dress in any kind of clothing he wishes.)They spent 15 years together before going their separate ways.

Siobhan took her settlement from him and moved to live near Rosslyn in Scotland.

Travels around the Knowne World

Now in Atenveldt, Siobhan has moved to the land of the Sun to warm her bones and spend some of her later years in the company of old friends and warm weather. She has found a warm welcome there, including reuniting with her friend Wander Rathriordan, with whom she made fast friends in the West so many years ago. It's the beginning of a new adventure!

Siobhan loved her time in Northshield -- the people are warm and welcoming. It felt almost like
"coming home" to Northshield, as she started in the Midrealm and knew many folk in Northshield already. (Not a bard, but Siobhan has written a song about her original kingdom. She's heard it sung once by someone else, Master Ingus, at Gwyneth Felton's coronation.)(Yes, I know there was a King there, too, but seriously, Siobhan was there for her sister...)(Ingus doesn't remember singing it, but it was a lovely surprise for Siobhan.)

Siobhan moved to Northshield from the West, having been a member there since 1993, and lived in both principalities, Cynagua and The Mists.  Since that time she has lived in Ansteorra (Bryn Gwlad) and CAID.

Her first event (unintentionally) was The Squires Revolt in April, AS XIII (1979), in the Lost Barony, Northwoods. (Siobhan had long been friends with Sir Nathan van Daritz, who sent her voluminous letters regarding the founding of the Barony of Illiton. However, in her many travels she had been unable to find citizens of the Known Worlde. When she approached some folk in Viking gear at a restaurant in the Northwoods baronial seat, she asked, "Are you folks in the SCA?")

The first event for which she had her own clothes was Pennsic VIII (1979).

Teaches and is interested in:

  • Cooking: Primary author of Traveling Dysshes
  • Redaction and period sources
  • Cooking for hordes of folk (feast stewardship)
  • Modern sanitary cooking techniques
  • Event stewardship and organization
  • Beginning costuming
  • Simple Textile Arts

Personal data

Family Life

  • Arlyna, aka Jen. Member of the Order of the Dragon's Treasure, a Middle Kingdom award for children who have contributed greatly but who are too young for an award of arms.  Given by TRM Tadashi Fuyuzuru and Ariake, Twelfth Night, AS xxiv (1990), in  Northwoods. She spent many hours in the kitchen with me doing feasts, and was serving by the time she was 8. A skilled midwife and herbalist, she spends more time awake at night than most sane folk, but she loves the work. She has a spouse named Bryan and sons named Jack and Atticus!

  • Duncan Julyan [Page down until you see the snakes], aka Duncan Alisdair Odum McGregor. Duncan is currently page to Sir John Theophilus, OL. He received an AOA May 30, AS XXXIX (2004), from Günter & Keisha (Prince and Princess of Cynagua). At the time he was one of the Page School instructors.  A Natural Philosopher, he studied the Ars Mathematica in An Tir and is currently living in the Barony of Al-Barran in the Outlands.

Siobhan's Household

Teaghlach Léaró Dóchai, more commonly called Cinquefoil

Our badge is the cinquefoil and the bee, and our motto this week seems to be “Arts fill the Soul. Food fills the Belly. Books fill the House." (It changes regularly.)

Dependents (Everyone likes to brag about their children...):

 OL, who is currently living in the East, but maintains her title o "Minister of Silly Hats" for the Shire of Crosston (a San Francisco South Bay group -- think Santa Clara or San Jose as a center-point).
  • Mistress Crystal of Westermark, OL, OP, who’s first claim to fame is feasts and brewing (and for someone who doesn’t drink much that’s an amazing achievement!). She possibly has the shortest Apprenticeship in the Known World, as she accepted my offer into the household one evening at Crown and was invited into the Order of the Laurel the next morning. The most amazing event she has been involved in is the “Perfectly Period Feast,” Mid-November, 2010. (You can see the details, pictures, etc. here: http://sundragon-cooks.livejournal.com/915.html). There are more pictures here: http://martinorivenstar.smugmug.com/gallery/4934023_QzkVL. She is wife to Sir Geoffrey Matthias, who is a Caer Anterth native. (He is a contributor to The Letter of Dance: http://www.pbm.com/~lindahl/lod/types.html )
  • Baroness Cordelia Toser, OP, who excels in spinning, cooking, cordials, and anything else she puts her mind to! She is my co-author for Traveling Dysshes (This is a VERY OLD ad.) She lives in the West, is active in Crosston, Darkwood, and Southern Shores, as well as the Principality of the Mists and the Kingdom. She was one of the meat carvers at the Perfectly Period Feast as well as continuing to nag me about the next edition of the prime mover for the next edition of Traveling Dysshes.

  • Baronness Anpliça Fiore, formerly Polaris Herald. She is my apprentice, and Meister Gevehard von Baden’s Protégé. She serves as our household trained herald, a good cook, and takes on many tasks for the Kingdom. We love when she brings her daughter, Dani, to household events.

  • Lady Llewke verch Gwilim, a 13th Century Welsh lady who is interested in metalwork (enameling and other decorative arts), is learning the fiber arts and is heading into the kitchen with me -- she has great skills in her own kitchen that will translate well into the SCA environment. She was Chronicler for Nordskogen, is now Chatelaine, and is also working on various event and group websites.

  • Dame Prudence Goodheart of Wyewood, OL, a Tudor middle class lady who has mad skills in the fiber arts. She is possibly the first member of the household who definitively does not cook. Her work in her costume and lacemaking is breathtaking, and her humor is wicked. We like her. Alas, she lives in An Tir now.

  • Lady Naimh ingen Domnal, a Welsh lady and also a Splendid Cook, does fabulous illumination, embroidery, marzipan subtleties, and cracks the whip over meetings in a most efficient way.
  • Lady Helena the Quiet, a quiet gentlewoman who also cooks, sews well, and is the most fabulous kitchen dishwashing manager I've run across.
  • Lord Bazyli Boleslaw z Krakowa, is Polish, late period, and he comes from the city of Krakow.  His family are merchants, though there is a wing that are committed to the military.  He is a lover of good food, fine drink, and excellent company. He is also an excellent cook, handyman, welcomer of new folk, by his own admission a "schmoozer." He can work a room like no one else. He's currently fostered to Duchess Petranella while I'm living in another kingdom.
  • Lord Wolfstanus Lightfote, who sews, cooks, handles money, does leatherworking, and is willing to try his hand at just about anything. He looks fabulous as a Roman slave boy.

Associated members of the Household:

As her Liege Lady, I negotiated the contract when Dame Cynthia and her husband were wed. One of the items was that any member the household to which he belongs would be welcomed at any time to sit at the high table in my great hall, and be served by my own hand. Makes for interesting meals sometimes!
  • François Thibault, who is an exceptional scribe (see his examples, especially the marvelous scroll he did for her Laurel). Their children, Elizabeth and Arthur (they are twins, I change the order around sometimes), are also under my ægis.
  • Sir Aaron of Buckminster,  also called Aaron Palomides of Buckminster - He's not always that silent -- see here.   And read his chronicle of Chivalry.
  • HL Ingrid the Fair, of Crosston, who was in the West since just after the Dinosaurs, and who made the list order sing with efficiency. Sadly, she has passed on before us.
  • Lady Katerine Rowley, from Bryn Gwlad, has been an friend for many years, and shelters with us from time to time. She is well-versed in the fabric arts, especially in making15th and 16th c. garb, and has an eye for color that is just fabulous. She is also a cook, and has great recipes on her website up there.
Watch this space!


  Award Name Presenting Branch Court Date Event Name Presenting Royalty
Laurel Kingdom of West 5/3/1997
Pelican Kingdom of Middle 10/8/1988
Court Baron/Baroness Kingdom of Northshield 1/10/2015 Nordskogen 40th Anniversary Twelfth Night Celebration Vladimir II and Petranella II
Dragon's Heart Kingdom of Middle 5/4/1985
Grant of Arms Kingdom of Middle 8/14/1984
Award of Arms Kingdom of Middle 9/6/1980
Baton Gules, Award of Barony of Nordskogen 1/5/2013
Friendly Castle, Order Principality of Cynagua 7/17/1999
Wooden Spoon, Order of Kingdom of West 6/22/1996
Wooden Spoon, Order of Kingdom of West 6/17/1995
Wooden Spoon, Order of Kingdom of West 3/18/1995
Please send award updates/corrections to the Clerk of Precedence: cop@northshield.org .

Current/Previous Offices:

Office Officer for Group Start Date End Date In Office
Pelican Secretary Kingdom of Northshield 10/1/2014 2/14/2018 40 months

Marshal Warrants and Authorizations:  Denotes specific Authorization/Marshal Warrant.

No Expiration Date on file. Please send Authorization updates/corrections to the Clerk of the Roster: cor@northshield.org .


Archery Marshal of the Field in Training
Archery Marshal of the Field
Archery Training Marshal


Armored Single-Handed Weapon (1H)
Armored Marshal of the Field in Training
Armored Marshal of the Field
Armored Training Marshal
Armored Spear
Armored Two-Handed Weapon (2H)
Armored Combat Archery
Armored Siege Weapons
Armored Youth Sparring


Equestrian General Riding and Games
Equestrian Marshal of the Field in Training
Equestrian Marshal of the Field
Equestrian Training Marshal
Equestrian Mounted Archery
Equestrian Jousting
Equestrian Driving
Equestrian Mounted Crest Combat
Equestrian Mounted Armored Combat


Rapier C&T Single Sword
Rapier Single Rapier
Rapier Marshal of the Field in Training
Rapier Marshal of the Field
Rapier C&T Marshal of the Field
Rapier Training Marshal
Rapier Case
Rapier Dagger
Rapier Rigid Parry
Rapier Non-Rigid Parry
Rapier Epee
Rapier C&T Defensive Secondary
Rapier C&T Offensive Secondary
Rapier C&T Two-Handed Weapon
Rapier Rapier Spear

Rebated Steel

Rebated Steel Singlehanded Sword
Rebated Steel Longsword
Rebated Steel Counter
Rebated Steel Marshal

Thrown Weapons

Thrown Weapons Marshal of the Field in Training
Thrown Weapons Marshal of the Field
Thrown Weapons Training Marshal


Youth Youth Level 1
Youth Youth Rattan
Youth Youth Rapier
Youth Marshal of the Field in Training
Youth Marshal of the Field
Youth Training Marshal
Youth Youth Level 2
Youth Youth Level 3

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