HE Dugall Ailean mac-'ic Lathurna HE Dugall Ailean mac-'ic Lathurna

February 2011 Northwatch Missive

Happy New Year to all of Northshield,

The winter storms have been given us challenge, but weremain hearty against the cold. Long do the nights seem, but the light in ourwindows guide those who travel throughout Northshield restless for spring. Manyof us feel the stiffening of the body, looking for an avenue to hone the summerfighting skills that is the prowess of Northshield. But wait…

A call goes out to Northshield to join the Royal Family inadventure to the southern lands to practice our warrior skills, to show allthat the winter months do not slow us down, but create in us a strength thatstands against the Northern winds. We are off to Gulf Wars to show all that wehunger for battle. Ready your swords, bows, and songs for Northshield is planninga journey March 13 through 19 to battle and sing with friends. If you wish tojoin us, make sure your pre-registration is postmarked by January 31 or you canpre-register online using ACCEPS until February 18 (you can also pay at thegate but it will be more expensive.) If you are planning to camp withNorthshield please contact Asli of Dyseth (MJ Alnes, erin_bell_macaranscs@yahoo.com) and Cealfind ni Mulllen, known as Alanna (Aryn-Marietta Easton, u2andfru@yahoo.com), who will be our landmayors this year. Let them know your name, the number in your party, footprintsize of your tent, and day of arrival. There is limited space so if you need toput up a kitchen tent area, let them know that too. There’s more…

To all Rapier combatants: we, Anne and Hrodir, challenge allto a Progressive Tourney to be held in three locations throughout Northshield. Thefirst tournament will be held at “Hertzkrieg” in the College of Svaty Sebestaon February 5, the second will be at “A Sworded Affair” in the Barony ofNordskogen on March 5, and the final tournament will be held in Shire ofFalcon's Keep at “Liars, Cheats, and Thieves” on April 2. The tournament willstart as a round robin and from the that the top eight rapier fighters willadvance to a two out of three rounds (bring your best) double eliminationfinish. The scoring for the tournament will be as follows: 8th place (1 point);7th place (1 point); 6th place (1 point); 5th place (2 points); 4th place (3points); 3rd place (4 points); 2nd place (5 points); 1st place (6 points.) Thewinner of the Progressive Tournament will be the highest combined score of the threetournaments and declared champion at Falcon’s Keep, thus winning the “Favor ofthe Crown.”

Remember also, our beloved archers, there is a contest goingon for the “Best Archer in Northshield.” Don’t forget to send your scores in toour Archery Champion, Lord Vidi Hovdestat, adamibur@yahoo.com. We will be announcing thewinner at Spring Coronation.

We have enjoyed our journeys to Schattentor, Nordskogen, andJararvellir and look forward to more travelsthroughout Northshield. We hope that the New Year brings you joy and safetravels.

In Service and Love,

Hrodir & Anne

Other missives from the Their Royal Majesties
Posted by: Hrodir II and Anne I Their Royal Majesties on 2/1/2011

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