And Vlad keeps going...and going...and going... (Vladimir Radescu) And Vlad keeps going...and going...and going... (Vladimir Radescu)

Earl Marshal

Kingdom Earl Marshal

Lars Wolfsblut

(Mike Luthner)
20930 Fairbanks Ave Forest Lake MN 55025 USA
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Took Office: 11/20/2016
Kingdom Earl Marshal - Blazon: Sable, two swords in saltire Or Photograph of Lars Wolfsblut
Position Details
The Earl Marshal will promote safe and orderly conduct of combat in accordance with Society and Kingdom rules and conventions. The Earl Marshal is responsible for the proper training and supervision of combatants and prospective combatants.
Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal (Hamish de Nisbet of the Clan Nisbet)
      Kingdom Youth Boffer Combat Marshal (Tyok Liftfot)
      Eastern Regional Deputy Armored Combat Marshal (Siegfried von Kulmbach)
      Central Regional Deputy Armored Combat Marshal (Olaf Kristsson)
      Western Regional Deputy Armored Combat Marshal (Togashi Ichiro)
      Kingdom Emergency Deputy Armored Combat Marshal (Decimus Marius Tacitus Ajax )
Kingdom Rapier Marshal (Simon Morcar)
      Kingdom Youth Rapier Marshal (Baldwin von Trier)
      Kingdom Emergency Deputy Rapier Marshal (Ahlwin von Hildebrand)
      Kingdom Eastern Deputy Rapier Marshal (Sibyl Sevenoke)
      Kingdom Central Deputy Rapier Marshal (Margalit Medicus)
      Kingdom Western Deputy Rapier Marshal (John Motley)
      Minister of the Academy (Kolfinna Hrafnkelsdottir)
Kingdom Archer General (Crispin Fletcher)
      Eastern Regional Archery Marshal (Eiric Rycard)
      Central Regional Archery Marshal (Aneka Gretadotter)
      Western Regional Archery Marshal (Siegound Eisenhaut)
      Archer Ranking Clerk (Arnbjørn Karlsson)
Kingdom Thrown Weapons Marshal (Gavin Mag Aonghusa )
      Eastern Regional Marshal Thrown Weapons (Alessandro of Falcon's Keep)
      Central Regiona Marshal Thrown Weapons (Idonea le Lakere)
      Western Regional Marshal Thrown Weapons (Viridis Quevli)
Chief of Artillery (Geoffrey de la Brugge)
Constable of the Cavalry (Bridei nic Gillechattan)
Clerk of the Roster (Gaia Aurelia)
Emergency Deputy Earl Marshal (Vladimir Radescu)
Minister of Tournaments (Jehanette de Provins)
      Deputy Minister of Tournaments (Demona Whytherford)
Kingdom Cut and Thrust Marshal (César López de La Coruña)
      Kingdom Emergency Deputy Cut and Thrust Combat Marshal (Niccolo Falconetto)
      Eastern Regional Deputy Cut and Thrust Combat Marshal (Cyveiliog McKinley)
      Western Regional Deputy Cut and Thrust Combat Marshal (Position Open)
      Central Regional Deputy Cut and Thrust Combat Marshal (Niccolo Falconetto)
Previous Officers
Persona Name Email Start Date End Date Term
Lars Wolfsblut Login to view 11/20/2016 Active 15 months
Ansila the Goth Login to view 4/11/2015 1/7/2017 21 months
Kitakaze Tatsu Raito Login to view 4/13/2013 4/11/2015 24 months
Tom Tinntinnabulum Login to view 4/14/2012 4/13/2013 12 months
Stephen du Bois Login to view 5/14/2011 4/14/2012 11 months
Gunther KegSlayer Login to view 5/9/2009 5/14/2011 24 months
Tristan von Eisig Login to view 5/12/2007 5/9/2009 24 months
Kevin O'Shaughnessy Login to view 12/10/2005 5/12/2007 17 months
Cassandra Antonelli Login to view 10/1/2004 12/10/2005 14 months
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